Welcome to Scotland

Welcome to Scotland

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 Scotland is full of Traditions, Beauty, Tranquillity and of course Adventure, around every corner you will find something that you will love. If its your first experience of Scotland then you are in for the time of your life, whether you are here for the beauty and tranquillity of the Scottish landscape or the adventures of the mountains, lochs and the sea you will find something for you what every your ability.
New Events added in News & Events | Angus | Aberdeenshire | Moray | <—— New Counties Here. As the weeks pass more and more town are added and when all 126 towns, cities and villages are  finished and linked to the counties there will be a interactive map of Scotland where you can choose one of the 32 areas you wish to stay and you will be taken to the area of the website so you can carry on planning your visit to Scotland

The accommodation ranges from 5 star hotels to bunks houses and of course for the adventurous of you there is the wild camping, plenty of hills and mountains to climb, rivers to canoe down and lochs to sail on. There is 30,414 square miles (78,770 km2) of Scotland for you to enjoy and 6,160 miles (9,910 km) of stunning coastline as well as the islands which many are unoccupied and you can seek permission from the owners to gain access which have some of the

best wildlife you will see in the UK.

You have the highest mountain for you to climb, Ben Nevis 1.334m, which is a very popular with all levels of walkers, the largest inland water way of beautiful Loch Lomand 27 square miles (70 km2) and the longest river, The Tay 120 miles (190 km).

There are adventure centres around Scotland where guided hill and mountain walks and climbing are available, some have mountain bike hire for the trails, white water rafting and canoeing. Some of the centres which are coastal run sailing course from a single day to a week long, fine way to get your sea legs.
If you are looking for a residential week then look on the island of Raasay a beautiful island which lies between the Isle of Skye and mainland Scotland. You can Sea Kayak, Coasteer, Sail, Gorge-walk, Canadian Canoe, Climb, Abseil and more in this stunning island location.
Scotland has some of the best skiing in Europe , good winter snow fall with piste and off piste skiing, Glenshee Ski Centre offers the UK’s most extensive skiing and snowboarding facilities – we hope you will enjoy the Glen Shee’s impressive 22 lifts and 36 runs which offer an amazing diversity of natural terrain for all standards of skiers and snowboarders. This is just one of five ski centres Cairngorms, Glen Coe, Nevis Range, The Lecht, in the summer months they are still worth the visit for hill walk, climbing and stunning scenery.
There are lots of options to choose from – you can join a class, go private, hire an instructor for your group, get into race training or simply take advantage of one of the great value package deals.

But of course Scotland is not all about climbing mountains, rushing about on mountain bikes and all the energetic activities. There are so many tranquil activities to do, Scotland is a wonder of history, art and music. Castles some complete and some in ruins but available to access many have easy access like Glamis Castle the birth place of the presents Queens Mother and said to be the inspiration for Macbeth and in the castle Duncan’s Hall commemorates an actual event the killing of King Duncan by Macbeth. But of you are feeling fit and can manage steps then you cannot miss Dunnottar Castle seen by many users of Windows 7 as the castle on the island. Dunnottar is a stunning castle and played a very important roll in the English Civil War and the hiding of the Honours (crown jewels) of Scotland and how they were lowered below the castle walls and stole away into the night under the nose of Cromwellian forces who have seiged the castle. Even the beach at the bottom of the steps is worth the visit and the castle has been the inspiration for many stories and films.
Fort George one of the oldest operational forts in the UK and is also worth the visit and access is much easier and on  the flat, a visit to Culloden close to Fort George is also advised.
The popular beautiful Stirling Castle and the Wallace monument where you will find the sword belonging to William Wallace another of Scotlands hero also near by Bannockburn, also if the kids have had enough of historic Scotland then visit Blair Drummond Safari Park next to the city of Stirling for a fun day.

Now you have had the history, there are so much art both inside the many many galleries around Scotland but also outdoors. Scotland is known for its art and artists and they are there for you. Since 1985 the town of Lumsden has hosted a sculpture walk along the picturesque foothills of the Grampian Mountains, Striding Arches is a project for Cairnhead Community Forest led by renowned artist Andy Goldsworthy and is complimented with sited works by poet Alec Finlay and stone carver Pip Hall. just to name a few.

The music, tradition, folk, modern, jazz, blues, Scotland has it and more. You can possible say that between Spring and Winter you will find a music festival celebrating music every week with the largest of festivals in the height of the summer, people travel from all over the world to be entertained by the many forms of music around the mainland and the Isles you will find folk or traditional Scottish music in local pubs or in a field, world known artists come to Scotland to play for some of the best crowds in the world.
And of course no trip to Scotland is complete without a Scottish Hogmanay whether its a quiet evening sipping a single malt watching the New Year come in as the moon travels over the mountains on one of the Herbridian Islands with the person your love by your side or singing Auld Lang Syne with thousand of other people on the streets of Edinburgh making friends for life.
Scotland will change your life what ever you choose to do. I hope this website guides you and your family to have a fantastic and
memorable holiday and will return year after year each time finding something new and exciting.

Hoping that you will find all the information to allow you have a fantastic time and you will return over and over again to experience something new in Scotland.

Thank You.

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Beltane Fire Society

Celebrate the first signs of summer with the Beltane Fire Society! Our thirtieth reimagining of the ancient Celtic festival of Beltane will mark the changing seasons with a wild mix of drums, fire and physical theatre, on a scale not seen anywhere else in the world.

As darkness falls and the fire torches are lit, our drums will thunder and the May Queen will awaken. Across the night She leads her court around the hill and through a great arch of fire; the Green Man will be stripped of his Winter guise and reborn; and together they will light the traditional Beltane bonfire. Join us and revel in the first joys of Summer!

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The Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society has announced plans for Tuesday 11 July 2017 to be marked internationally as the first World Fringe Day, as part of the Fringe’s 70th anniversary celebrations. 

The world’s very first fringe festival took place in Edinburgh in 1947, when a number of performing arts companies arrived to perform at the new Edinburgh International Festival, despite not having been invited.  Their performances inspired others to do the same in following years, and since then the Edinburgh Festival Fringe has grown into the largest arts festival on Earth, and inspired fringe movements to spring up all over the world. World Fringe Day will mark this incredible growth by joining together over 200 fringes from around the globe in an online celebration of the fringe ideal. The announcement was made by Fiona Hyslop, Cabinet Secretary for Culture, Tourism and External Affairs for the Scottish Government and Shona McCarthy, Chief Executive of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society:
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The 37th Shetland Folk Festival

The 37th Shetland Folk Festival will be held between 27th – 30th April and as the UK’s most northerly folk festival, it is regarded as a prestigious event for performers, locals and visitors alike.

Organised by a voluntary committee (and run by an even bigger pool of volunteers) the Festival prides itself in reaching out to even the most far flung areas of Shetland. Concerts are organised throughout the isles, consisting of some of the best International, British and Shetland music that the world has to offer. In fact, visiting artistes are regularly dumbfounded by the quantity and quality of local musicians that our remote isles have to offer.

For SFFS members, there is a Festival Club in Shetland’s capital, Lerwick, where you’ll find formal and informal concerts, workshops, a real ale bar and fantastic “sessions” that continue into the wee hours of the morning. Yes it’s true – you do have to sleep quickly to witness the Full Festival Experience!

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