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Edzell Castle & Ghost




Edzell Castle & Ghost!

Edzell Castle Tower

A few miles outside Edzell Village and well sign posted if the beautiful Edzell Castle which was the seat of the Lindsay's who built the castle and later on added the beautiful laid out walled garden with 17th century carved sandstone depicting the Planetary Deities, Liberal Arts and the Cardinal Virtues, fixed to the wall all around the wall The castle was built by Edzell Castle was begun around 1520 by David Lindsay, 9th Earl of Crawford, his son the 10th Earl built the walled garden and its can still be seen today as well as access to the castle which is now maintained for the country and people by Historic Scotland.

The 9th Earls was married to to his second wife Katherine Campbell, daughter of Sir John Campbell, 1st of Cawdor and the mother to the 9th Earl, she was found one January morning laying in the kitchen and was pronounced dead and wrapped in a funeral shroud and taken to the Lindsay vault about a miles away and left there for burial the next day. Sometime during the early morning Katherine awoke possible from a diabetic coma and made her way back to the castle, she made it to the kitchen door which she tried to get attention of someone, but unfortunately, she died of exposer.

The walled Garden


Yes Edzell Castle has a  Ghost and its said to be the Lady Katherine, known as The Grey Lady she has been seen many times since the 1930's walking from the graveyard crossing the road and over the field, passing through the walls of the garden.


Edzell Castle is a stunning place to visit on any day with large area grass area ideal for picnics, a family day out exploring the castle, the small visitors centre has more information along with costumes for the children to dress up and play the Knight who rescues the Princess from the Evil Knight. Check with the Historic Scotland Website as events are held during the year including 17th century civil war re-enactment, learn how they did it with live musket firing with cannons and mock battles along with Living History.


Walk way in th ecastle Your host in his guise of an experienced Paranormal Researcher and has researched the Edzell ghost. Many people visiting the castle this is including the employees of the castle have also seen her or smelt her, there is a sweet smell that fills the air where she is about to appear.

Davie the late gardener who your host has spoke to many times claims he has seen the The Grey Lady many times and he told the story of the day he was sweeping the steeps of the main tower.
He was going backwards down the main steps and he stumbled and started to fall backwards and then he felt two hands on his back stopping him from falling, he said “Thank you” as he turned around and no one was there, only thing was a sweet smell filling the air.

In the 90's a group of teenagers decided one night to grab some beers and a bottle of something stronger sneaked into the castle for a bit of fun but they didn't stay long as they were so spooked by saw some strange things that they abandoned their night of fun, alcohol and did ran. Your host traced and interviewed some of them, one refused to talk about it, but they have never returned to the castle even in the day light.

A group of experienced and seekers of the truth along with your host spend many hours at the castle and the graveyard and they recorded footsteps in the Summer House as well as the tower as someone was scuffing their feet on the Summer House Edzell Castlestone steps as the climbed the tower.

The upstairs of the Summer House where in the 15th-16th century the partaking of sweetmeats, a mix of dried fruits, cakes all sweetened with honey.

Your host and two members of the group decided to take photographs when one of the party spotted a red area in the small fire grate seemed to have a glow to it, she got her camera took a photograph but it refused to work, yet it was working fine before they all entered the summer house, so the next person, she tried her camera and the same happened and your host tried and again his camera failed, they left  to go outside to check cameras they gathered in the walled garden and all three cameras worked perfectly. Later that afternoon a small Séance which was conducted Outside the summer housein the Summer House by Brian Allen a very experienced Scottish investigator and author of many book on the Paranormal which sell world wide, who your host is proud to have known and worked with Brian and his wife for almost 20 years, you can find more information on his website www.brianjallan-home.co.uk Your host and the group were the first to be given permission by Historic Scotland along with the investigation in the amazing Arbroath Abbey The group did find some evidence for the castle to be haunted along with independent witnesses over the many years the public has been visiting the castle and apart from footsteps failing of the cameras but unfortunatly, The Lady, wasn't in the mood for visitors,

but you will always be welcome to Edzell Castle. looking not only for the ghost but for the wonderful and exciting Edzell Castle. Without the staff employed to look after the castle and its gardens as well as the stone masons whose skills as stone preservation keeping the castle and its structures for all to see.