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Village of Edzell



The Village of Edzell. OS grid reference  - NO601686

Edzel Memorial HallNestled in the countryside of Angus, NE Scotland sits on the B966 is the busy village of Edzell, the village mainly made up of one wide High St with a very well laid out and run golf course, two hotels and a scattering of shops and cafes, between the petrol station and the pop-up shop you will find access to what is known locally as Edzell Beach which is a picnic area beside the river North Esk, its ideal for a day out of picnics and paddling.

At the west of the village you will find a large activity area know as 'The Muir', it has plenty of parking, toilets, BBQ shelter and large children playground at the centre of the Muir is a country style church which also holds events throughout the year.

Edzell is one of those places that many people visit and would love to stay there and many people have decided to pick up sticks and move to Edzell.

The village starts as you pass under through the Dalhousie Arch, which spans the main road into Edzell from the south. It was erected in 1887 to commemorate the deaths of the 13th Earl of Dalhousie and his wife, both of whom died on the same day. With two hotels you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to formal dining or pub lunch as well as comfortable rooms. The impressive Glen Esk Hotel, known locally as the 'Glennie' and then the end of the long wide street you have the Panmuir Arms, known locally as the 'Pannie' which is equally impressive and more so when it was twice as high.

If you are looking for a souvenir to take home with you, then sitting for a cup of coffee and home baking Tuck Inn Ice Creamthen on the corner the High St and Dunlappie Rd you have the Edzell Tweedie, also known as the 'Tartan Shop' which it sells a wide range of tartan products and Scottish souvenirs from tea towels to fridge magnets, babies Tartan clothing to luxury scarf's & jewellery around

Found in nearly every town and village around Scotland is a Fish and Chip shop, Edzell is no different except for the excellent fish suppers found in the 'The Tuck Inn', which has both take away and sit down, grab a sandwich, home baking or a range of home cooked Edzell High Street (south)meals, you can even get a whipped ice cream in a tub, wafer or chocolate covered waffle cone which is a must after a day at the Edzell beach or the running about the Muir.

Almost opposite to The Tuck Inn you will find another well stocked eatery called 'Spencers Larder' which serves breakfast at 9am until 11.30am where then they open their impressive menu which freshly made food with a range of teas, coffee's or soft drinks all flavoured water for children come free of charge, you cannot go wrong with that. If you are going away for a picnic the Edzell Spar shop you can grab everything you need for a day out for a picnic or BBQ or if your staying in self catering plenty of selection of fruit and veg along with fresh milk, bread and rolls and then the general supermarket goods. A chemist and a hair stylists, a newsagents which carry everythingEdzell Bridge from magazines, wide range of sweets and chocolates, children's fishing nets, and a plethora of other items, you will be surprised what you will find. If you are having a BBQ then you will have to visit Bels for prize winning meat products along with tasty pies and Forfar Bridies also with apple and fruit pies, then Bel Butchers is on the high street across the road from the Newsagents. You want a lovely bed and breakfast then there are a few in Edzell and they are impeccable, with beautiful tasty breakfasts and comfortable rooms with tradition Scottish service, with access to the beautiful Glen Esk and the Cairngorms National Park.
Edzell MuirIf you want to splash about in water which is also ideal for children then Edzell beach mentioned earlier with its picnic area, you will find the walk to the Edzell river picnic area between the PopUp Shop and the Petrol Station, its a short tarmaced walk down a slope so if you have mobility issues then the walk back can be a bit hard going you can get a small car down to the river but its not advised as turning to come back up the hill maybe difficult

Edzell Muir is a beautiful green space with a large children's play area which with large climbing frames, swings, slides and children's aerial slide, all with a soft bark ground, around the full size football pitch there are adult fitness stations each with a different exercise, which if you want to keep up with your fitness regime then you won't be let down. A path with a walk in the trees between the Muir and farm land where your dog can be let off its lead to run among the deep grasses. The Muir is common land and you will The famous Blue Dooroften find a tent or caravan park in a tree surrounded area. Certainpublic holidays will find the Muir busy with picnics and of course alsodepending on the Scottish weather.


If you are looking for an enjoyable short walk then you cannot get any better locally than The famous 'Blue Door' walk which is a few miles drive north of Edzell on the B966 or if you are feeling like a stroll then you can walk down to the Edzell Beach, cross over the river then walk north this path will bring out out at the Gannochy Bridge, by car a small parking area and the door is on your left.

Heading through the door will take you along the path beside the river North Esk, a little caution to be used when it is wet as it can be slippery and some places the drop down to the river is over 20ft. There is an abundance of wild life such as Deer, Otters, Red and Brown Squirrels, Herons also Salmon, with animal art work fixed to trees carved with a chainsaw.

After a short walk you will come upon 'The Rock Burn House Walkof Solitude' it's not sign posted but you will hear the rush of water and see the amazing collection of large boulder formation and a disused bridge tower, the river narrows from 12 feet across to 3 feet at this point which causes an impressive volume of water as it rushes through the gap.

Salmon in Scottish rivers are unique in that they return from the sea almost allRocks of Solitude year round. Those that return early in the year tend to have been at sea for more than one year and will be migrating to spawning grounds in the uppermost reaches of their river where they were born.

Autumn is one of the best times of the year to witness the Salmon leaping up this waterfall at the Rocks of Solitude, so sit for a while and just contemplate the nature around you, even fine place for a picnic and a spot of sunbathing. If you wish to carry along the river path it can take you are far as Glen Esk which is around 25 miles, you can take the same journey by car to Glen Esk car park. More of Glen Esk and what it has to offer coming soon.


Don't forget to visit Edzell Castle Here