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2018Scotland has so many events all year round, Music, Art, Poetry, Story Telling, Comedy, Films and so much more.
You can spend many years coming back to Scotland to take part in the festivals.
Two of the greatest festivals that no one should miss if the Edinburgh Tattoo and the Edinburgh International Festivals, the reason its Festivals that there is more than one throughout the year and the most popular is the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. The Edinburgh Festival Fringe is the world's largest arts festival, which in 2016 spanned 25 days and featured 50,266 performances of 3,269 shows in 294 venues. Many of the shows and venues are free but if you are wanting to go, book your hotel at least 9 months to a year in advance and prepared to be in awe.

2018 Fringe Schools Poster Competition!

We believe Scotland’s young people are the future custodians of the Fringe. The Fringe prides itself on its extraordinary ability to applaud diversity, promote inclusivity and inspire courage and creativity in those who take part. This year, we would like children and young people to design a poster for the Fringe. Once again, we will be awarding three winners from three age categories. Other than age, all posters are judged blind, and we are looking for the most creative design that captures the spirit of the Fringe. More Information

Another festival I would point the way to is Skye Festival Taking place in venues mostly in the Sleat peninsula at the southern end of the Island, the Skye Festival or 'Fèis an Eilein' is a celebration of island culture and performing arts with a strong focus on Scottish traditional music, all spiced up with Jazz, Theatre, and lots, lots more. The island alone is stunning and the festival with so much talent squeezed onto a single island you will want never to leave, Music,Food, Culture, Scenery and the People make this festival a must not miss. Unfortunately this year (2017) was missing Scotland largest music festival T in the Park due to planning restraints and breeding Ospreys it was decided to suspend the music festival. 2018 announcement have not been made.
But if you are an 80's music fan well how about Rewind 80's Festival, favourite 80's bands along with tribute bands, Google Rewind Scotland. This is festival I have found is fine for older children and teenagers.
Culturally for Scotland and those interested in Gaelic then both National and Provençal you have the Royal National Mòd, a celebration of Gaelic language and song. These are very important events for the growth of the Gaelic language and promotion of the the same. More information can be gathered here http://www.ancomunn.co.uk

Having funYou will find in village and towns around Scotland are craft shows, I have attended quite a few but be warned I have sometime found it difficult to find real crafts, people from spare rooms, garages and sheds have used a talent to produce a unique product. But the smaller villages dotted around Scotland you can find real talent and not a single piece of 'commercial' tat that has been bought from a popular auction site for 10 for £5 and then selling them at over inflated price just because the tourists are about. Then you also have around the major cities of Scotland art festivals covering someby local children others by some of the best artists Scotland can deliever and its not just painting, dance, song, poetry all the arts for you to enjoy.



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Jazz WeekendsApart from dancing, whisky and music, Scots love food, good well cooked food and the famous Arbroath Smokie, which is beautifully smoked haddock and if its not made in Arbroath then its not a Smokie. Fresh Seafood and Shell fish, including Seaweed can be found all around the coast of Scotland which the same day freshness if what will be served to you.
Scottish beef is renown world wide. In Scotland, grass grows lushly in the mild, often damp weather, and wild native herbs add a subtle tang to the flavour of cattle grazed on higher pasture.
If you don't wish to eat the beef or you want to try something different, you must try Scottish venison, like the beef its looked after, being feed on high grade grass. An lastly you cannot come to Scotland and not taste Haggis, when its made well it is so good, eat with a good single malt and don't forget the neep and tatties a Haggis meal is not complete without neeps and tatties. Just perfect.

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