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Haunted Scotland


Stirling CastleNearly everyone loves a good ghost story and there are plenty in Scotland from haunted forests to ancient monuments. There are many haunted tours that will give you a spine tingling walked through the haunted streets of many towns and cities, two of the best are the walks through the Nations capital of Edinburgh and the battle town of Stirling close to Bannockburn The Battle of Bannockburn was a significant Scottish victory in the First War of Scottish Independence, and a landmark in Scottish history. Stirling Castle, a Scots royal fortress, occupied by the English, was under siege by the Scottish army.
Walking through the small closes of Stirling and Edinburgh during an evening spookie story telling walk. How about the haunting atmosphere of the The Edinburgh Vaults or South Bridge Vaults are a series of chambers formed in the nineteen arches of the South Bridge in Edinburgh.

Dundee has tales of spookie going ons aboard the RRS Discovery feel the spirits of the brave men who sailed the Seven Sea including Capt Scott and Shackleton the interpid explorers of Antarctica, see how man men lived on their journeys. Some of the hotels and guest houses have stories of figures walking through walls Edzell Castle, Angusand looking in on the guests. Edzell Castle just outside the village of Edzell in Angus is known for the grey lady who has been seen many time walking across the fields toward the her  home of Edzell castle and through the Renaissance walled garden, incorporating intricate relief carvings, is unique in Scotland. It was replanted in the 1930s, and is considered to have links to esoteric traditions, including Rosicrucianism and Freemasonry.
The Grey Lady is said to be the wife of David Lindsay, 9th Earl of Crawford, Catherine Campbell, who was found 'dead' so her body was taken to the cemetery close to the castle, Catherine Campbell awoke the early hours of a winters day and walked back to the castle across the fields, tried to call for help but unfortunately she was found outside the kitchen door dressed in only a death shroud, believed to have died of exposer. It is believed she was diabetic and may have gone into a coma due to low blood sugar as it is said that a sweet smell announces her arrival.  Not only Catherine Campbell has been seen but many reports of noises, whispers and in 2016 a women reported seeing a women in 16th century dress walking on one of the walk ways. Edzell Castle with its walled gardens, 16th century Summer House with dining room above that which is accessed via stone steps. Ideal for picnics, meditation and just chilling out, small visitors centre with a gift shop and free car parking West coast is also known for the ghosts, people tell of meeting horse drawn hearses as they travel down the small country roads, they stand aside and let them pass and fade. The famous Eilean Donan castle has its story of the haunted kind, visitors standing aside to let a lady in period costume, many thinking she is part of the staff. Back to the NE coast and Dunnottar Castle a stunning castle just outside Stonehaven local people and visitors claim to have seen figures at the glassless windows after the castle has been closed and locked up, on occasons lights have been seen moving along the castle walls as if someone was watching out for the return of the Covenanter.


Eilean Donan castleEven the mountains and glens have figures moving about in the mist and of course the most famous legend of Brigadoon two American pals on a Scottish hunting trip, get lost in the woods and come upon the magical village of Brigadoon. Rising out of the Scottish mist only once every 100 years, and only for one day....(only Hollywood can come up with this one) My in-laws where great hill walkers and mountain climbers in Scotland and they have seen a ghost or two walking into our out of the mist and stories of figures rescuing stranded hill walkers who were stuck on the mountain side due to fog only to lead them to their death. This is why its wise while on the Scottish mountains when the mist comes down, sit and wait till it lifts and never follow a unknown figure through the mist.

Arbroath Abbey where the Declaration of Arbroath was signed giving Scotland freedom and the Stone of Rosslyn ChapelScone, some call it Stone of Destiny was taken and placed under the Coronation Chair in Westminster Abbey it was taken by a group and brought back to the Abbey,its rightful place.
But as well as the Stone and the Declaration and the favourite place of Robert the Bruce King of Scots, it has mystery footsteps and sounds of children in the Bishops House. If you not looking for ghosts the abbey is the crown of Scotlands places to visit, spending time to explore the little rooms, visitors centre which has a copy of Declaration of Arbroath, which is said to have been the blueprint of the American Declaration of Independence. Spend a good afternoon with a picnic relaxing, amoung the history of Scotland - In the footsteps of Scottish Kings and maybe you will see one.


Scotland is full of mysteries, vanishing people, talk of fairies and Gnomes and dare I mention many UFOs. How about is music the key to open a portal to God in Rosslyn Chapel. Rosslyn Chapel formally known as the Collegiate Chapel of St Matthew, is a 15th-century chapel located at the village of Roslin, Midlothian, Scotland, it is a must for visitors to Scotland for the stunning Gothic architecture. Its been long suspected that the chapel was built to hide part of the Templars treasure from King Solomon temple and many other wonderful stories from the Templar Knights, treasure and Holy Grail. Also used in Dan Browns now well read book and the film about the blood line of Jesus Christ The Da Vinci Code (2006)

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As a footnote:Your host spent many years man and boy researching the paranormal and has seen some spooky things and things I cannot explain - The subject is popular on TV celebrities scaring themselves, many groups have formed over the years, but your host believes that this is a subject that should be investigated scientificly and not jumped into blindly.


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