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Regions Of Scotland

The building of this page has started and regions will be added on here every time one is finished and when all the regions have been finished the interactive map of Scotland will posted until then please make use of the links below. Thank You.

Dunrobbin CastleWelcome to the Regions of Scotland, this area you will be able to access a map which has the regions and main towns and cities.
What will be available for you and your family including different types of accommodation, places to eat, places to visit and others services such as mountain guides, bike hire, adventure centres, entertainment and what's on where. If you looking for a quieter pace of life then go to the Tranquillity section and soon there will be spas, retreats and how to fine the more slower

pace of Scotland. As with the other links as the site builds there will be more and more choice The site is very young but promises to offer so much by 2018 and if you have stayed somewhere that you feel need a mention then tell us and we will check it out. Enjoy your visit and thank you without you there would be no Scottish tourist industry.

Scotland is a country of diversity with people who welcome you with open arms, Scotland has always been a place for people to visit whether a day trip with the picnic basket or a month of sightseeing, hill walking, sailing around the coastal towns and villages. While in Scotland you have everything at
your fingertips, beautiful food, wonderful accommodation, stunning views, fantastic activities, you are never more than 73 miles from the sea, except when you are on the islands and then you are no more than 3 miles from the sea. The coast of Scotland have clean beaches, clear waters and beaches like St Cyrus is a National Nature Reserve and an area of special scientific interest with rare bird and flowers.
Isle of SkyeThe hills and the mountains with the lochs and rivers including the fresh air and the trails some which are flat and easy such as Loch Lee which has a car park and just a miles to the loch. Then there is The West Highland Way was Scotland's first long distance route and remains by far the most popular. Stretching for 93mile (151km) from Milngavie on the edge of Glasgow to Fort William at the foot of Ben Nevis but there are much shorter routes and inner city walks with historic land marks and attractions pointed out, most towns and cities have walks just look for the markers or visit your local Tourist Information Centre for more information.
Scotland is your adventure playground so why not come and play.

Within Scotland there are 16 main council areas and this is how this website is laid out so you can chose where you want to go and then choose which town you wish to be close to or in for your holidaying needs to make it quick and easy to plan your vacation. I hope you fine this site helpful and you return to it during your vacation to see what is available for you and your family
Over the next couple weeks the regions and map will be completed giving you access to photos and descriptions of towns and cities, then from that activities in the area and accommodation which is also in the area of choice.

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