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Food & Drink of Scotland



Scotch meats.
Scotland because of its fertile grounds and good, strong, rich grass can produce excellent beef, with the right amount of fat and the taste of the countryside, Scotch beef is wanted around the world due to its low interference from the chemists. With grass-fed, hormone-free and sustainably-farmed promise, that is why Scottish farmed meat is the most sought after by top chefs all around the world.

What does it mean Scotch or Scottish?

Scotch_meatScotch means that its comes from selected farms that have passed stringent inspections and tests to be approved the best that Scotland can produce and marked PGI (PGI stands for Protected Geographical Indication. It’s an EU scheme to protect and promote high quality traditional and regional food products unique to a geographic area). Scottish means that it comes from farms that have not followed the strict code of practice and does not hold the PGI badge. Scotch BEEF
Your host loves Scottish beef, has a wonderful taste and texture to it, there is beautiful marbling throughout, remember when you book a table at a restaurant just ask if its Scottish approved beef they serve if not find a place that does, support the Scottish farmer.

Scotch Beef.
roast beef
Traditional Scottish breeds are famous all over the world. From the famed Aberdeen Angus and the iconic Highland, to Luing and Belted Galloways, each breed has a different temperament and taste.Scotch Beef PGI is only meat from young cattle, on average 22-26 months old. Age is also important for Scotch Lamb PGI - it’s only made from younger animals around 10-12 months old. The Scottish beef is carefully watched over and only the Scottish farms that adopt a strict welfare practice to make sure the animals in their care are born, reared and processed in Scotland to strict polices to assure that the cattle have whole life quality will be sold and given theĀ  PGI badge and the Scottish beef logo.





Scotch Lamb

lambLamb is enjoyed the world over but only Scotland can you test the best (Yes your host is bias) but lamb is versatile and whether pan fried, slow roasted, in a winter warming stew or on the hot coals of a summer BBQ you will enjoy it all the same. Like the Scotch beef it is given the seal of approval only if the farmer can prove that his farming methods are up to the EU scheme to protect and promote high quality standards and the Scotch lamb is ready around 10 -12 months old after being raised on good grass which has the least interference from the farmer and science. All lambs are born and reared all its life on a Scotch assured farms and processed in an approved establishment. To ensure the best consistent eating quality we only select the best prime lamb. As with beef lamp is demanded worldwide for its purity and taste.

Specially Selected Pork
porkPork like the other two main farmed animals is bred for its taste and also to get the Specially Selected mark the quality of the farming methods, the way they are looked after and feed, many of Scotland’s pigs are outside bred which is good for the welfare of the animal it makes sure that the animal can act as natural as possible routing for food and left to its own devices to come and go to its shelter as it pleases.
The Specially Selected pork is assured pork from Scotland. Specially Selected Pork is from animals that are sourced from selected farms, having the best practices including animal welfare and natural production methods. Specially Selected Pork is inspected by The Scottish SPCA, who inspect farms and processors and then approves them for the Specially Selected Pork label.
All of the meat is approved and checked from farm to table to make sure that it’s the best and wanted worldwide.



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