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artist retreatIt doesn't matter what we do in our lives we need to escape from the hustle and bustle of

our hectic life, where life is screaming at us and we just don't have the energy to scream back.

So many people come to Scotland whether is a gentle walk surrounded by nature or on a secluded beach on a secluded island where you will not see another person for as long you want a place to breath, a place where your cares float away on the breeze that caresses the grass.
You have a choice of being on your own in a small cottage by the sea or in the mountains, but if that is to secluded how about one of the artist retreats, even if you are not an artist you can go and learn, not just painting, but drawing, pottery. Many have self-catering accommodation.

If that's not your thing how about a Spa some are luxurious with every whim taken care of, many of the Spa days start below £30 (2017) a gentle massage to a full blown detox getting all that stress removed and your skin glowing.
meditationNothing can be more relaxing that on a sail boat, if you have never sailed before then there are sailing schools around Scotland so you can learn and sail for yourself, from the smallest of sail boats to the largest with a week away on the open sea and feel all that stress and pressure of the modern world wash away on a traditional sailing boat.

Well if you are not the sailing type then how about learning to survive on the mountains, get back to nature, catching your own food, knowing what you can eat and what you cannot, making a shelter sleeping under the stars, spotting the wild life, having your batteries recharged and knowing that you have achieved something extra special, while the person at the work station next to you spent their vacation laying on the beach turning into a lobster, you have experienced the mountains of Scotland, the relaxation of learning an art or have the stress massaged out of you.

We all are not the same maybe you need to relax but want to be close to the world then how about the city or
town, the theatre, whether its opera, musical, ballet, a play or traditional music doesn't matter where you go you are not far from some Potteryform of entertainment. Scotland renowned for its theatres with some fine performances and it’s not just Edinburgh, Glasgow or Inverness that has the best performances, Pitlochry, Perth, Dundee, Aberdeen also have beautiful theatres and some say the smaller the theatre, the more intimate is the performance. Pre-theatre dinner, a wonderful performance and then post-theatre drinks, slow walk back to your hotel, perfect evening.

Scotland is famous for its salmon rivers and fly fishing on one of the premium rivers, such as the Tay or Dee, but you have lochs and rivers on the isles, you the salmon and miles of peacefulness cannot be a bad thing now. It doesn't matter where you go in Scotland you will find a salmon river, or trout which many rivers and lochs in Scotland it is free to fish double check at the local tackle shop or search on the internet 'no permit required'. If you are feeling adventurous and if it will help you relax, how about sea fishing, you will find fishing tours leaving many of the ports around the coastline and on the islands and there is come good fishing out there and can be great fun, if it’s your first time sea fishing go on a calm day and take a couple of sea sick pills. Even sea fishing the scenery of the cliffs and the sighting of nature’s giants such as whales can be spotted.

Talking of Whales many West coast ports do have whale watching tours which includes seals, you may even get to hire a small boat and take it out onto a loch and many sea lochs such of Loch Fyne Dolphins, seals and otters inhabit the loch and spending a few hours on a loch will just wash away all the stresses of your life and sharing it with members of family and friends and have a wonderfully relaxing and joyous holiday.


Lendrick Lodge Holistic Retreat & Spiritual Centre. Lendrick's vision is to support and empower the unique journey of all attracted to our centre. Everyone at Lendrick Lodge - volunteers, staff and teachers have a shared intention of creating a loving environment in which healing and transformation can take place. Lendrick is a happy place, with a fair amount of laughter banding about.

Lendrick CentreLendrick Lodge rests on ancient Celtic land with a magical energy for all to enjoy. The standing stones of Lendrick are a Celtic touch-piece for people to connect with this ancient land. Lendrick Lodge is attached to no religion, our only attachment is to the intention of your dreams manifesting into a beautiful reality. A sense of community has blossomed here over the last Thirty years. This is actually our 30-year anniversary. The live-in staff and visiting volunteers are happily approachable and go to great lengths to ensure everyone has a great experience. We focus on inviting teachers for our in-house holistic courses who, in addition to being highly skilful in their work also have a deep care for humanity and the planet. The main resident teachers, Stephen and Victoria Mulhearn have held the Spiritual vision of Lendrick Lodge since 2000 and hope to continue the expansion of its heart well into the future.

Lendrick Centre
Lendrick is also blessed by the input of Spiritual Master Peggy Dylan. Peggy shares shamanic rituals and teachings that bring healing and more power. The direction of our work is kept fluid so we can move with the needs of the people who come here.

Whether you choose to follow a path of continued spirited growth at Lendrick Lodge or just drop in once in a while, we hope you join the thousands of people from all over the world who describe Lendrick Lodge as a 'home from home'. Lendrick can provide accommodation and meals for up to 50 people, most of the accommodation is en-suite. The Lodge has been refurbished over the last 30 years to a high standard. We have two workshop spaces, one called the Sundoor Room, which suits groups up to 50 people and the other the River Retreat (a separate building) which accommodates groups up to around 18. The surrounding areas are stunning, lochs, waterfalls, walks in wilderness practically on our doorstep. Our food is prepared and cooked on site by our chef with delicious vegetarian food to suit most tastes. Lendrick is loved by a global community world-wide and we have many people who return year after year. If there was one sentence to describe what people tell us they feel at Lendrick Lodge, it would be a "deep sense of love and happiness". 

New Articles on these centres are in the process of being written. Thank You.

Top 5 Meditation Centres in Scotland. (Clickable Links)

1) Kagyu Samye Ling Buddhist Centre, Dumfries & Galloway

2) Traigh Bhan Retreat House, Iona

3) Lendrick Lodge Holistic Retreat & Spiritual Centre, near Callander

4) Dhanakosa Buddhist Retreat Centre, Lochearnhead

5) Penninghame Foundation, Newton Stewart


Top Five Visitor Attractions
1.Cairngorms National Park.

2.Fairy Pools, Skye.

3. Rosslyn chapel. 

4.Finnich Glen Holy Isle.

5. Iona.

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