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Welcome you can find out about how Scotlands weather will be as you travel around. You can see at an instant any weather warnings. If you need more information click on any of the widgets and it will take you to the Met Office website for more detailed weather report - Remember to come back. Thank You.

North Grampian Mountain Forecast  


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Isle of Skye


Welcome to Scotland’s weather page. Scotland is famous for its weather they say that you can experience all four seasons in just one day and sometimes this is true.
With Scotland’s weather comes beauty, we don't think there is a day gone by without the weather showing the beauty of Scotland weather its rain washing fresh the city street or the mountains white with snow fall.
Many visitors that come to Scotland come to see how each and every day is different, you don't need to go to Spain, or the Caribbean where endless sunshine, you will soon get fed up of all that heat and humidity.
Foggy PathBut don't let Scotland’s weather fool you especially if you plan to take a walk in the hills or a climb on some of the mountains that make Scotland so special.
Before heading for the hills check the weather, make sure you are prepared for the forecasted weather and prepare for the worse and that’s for the summer months, the weather can change in a heartbeat, waterproof clothing, map, compass, GPS you may look out your kitchen window or pop your head out your tent flap and the sun is shining, in the hills no so.
Winter in the Scottish mountains is hugely different unless you are experienced or you are going with someone who is experienced of the Scottish winter mountains don't go, you may put your life at risk and risk the life of those volunteers who will have to come and rescue you.
Snowy MountainThere are some excellent mountains guides who for a fee will take you up and down safety, or why not have some winter mountain survival training get yourself equipped and trained. Just imagine when you are equipped, trained and ready what wondrous sights will behold you.
Scotland’s weather is as diverse of its countryside, its food, its history and its people.


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